Ethernet Comunication with Allen Bradley PLC

  • Hello,

    Im trying to set up communications between a R30iB and a L83 and the controller has both the scanner and adapter options available. I need to exchange ~10 floating point numbers (I can make them dints if that helps) to and from the robot and plc. Ive been digging through some manuals and forums and all ive found are ways to do digital IO with the adapter option. Does anyone know how to exchange numbers?


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  • An alternative method is to use Group Inputs. GIs will do a binary to decimal conversion. However you are limited to 16 bit unsigned integers. For floating point values you can scale the value and store it in an integer in the PLC.

    On the robot you go to the Config menu for the Group Inputs. Map the GIs to the Ethernet/IP connection (Rack 89, Slot X). Set the START PT to the bit where the value begins. NUM PTS is 16 maximum.

    You can use BG logic to convert the GI value back to a floating point and store it in a register.

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