PROG-050 Aborting still in progress

  • Hi all,

    I have some troubles with FANUC program task status.

    Sometimes after motion program stopped by x11 safety signal - FENCE OPEN, it could freeze in Aborting state and it does not allow to start another program with error - Already locked by other task. Is any way to force abort or kill program?

    We also tried function ABORT from Karel. It returns Success code but has no effect. It still in PROG-50 state.

    Detailed scenario how we get it:

    Robot moves in AUTO by TASK_0. Operator goes throw light barrier and safety aborts this TASK_0. Operator reset safety and then automatically starts new task TASK_1.Usually TASK_1 starts without problems, but sometimes can't do it because old program TASK_0 freezes in status ABORTING (prg-50, 3050) (status from KAREL). At web server is status = ABORTED. At teach pendant at MONITOR screen no such task. Operator can kill TASK_0 by starting programs (such as ZERO or other) in manual mode but it's not convenient.

    Why task can be in status ABORTING infinitely long time? Documentation says "Turn off the robot" but it's awfully, we need to it should be done without rebooting robot.

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