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    Hi all,

    I have KUKA with track. Floor mounted (not wall or ceiling). After track calibration, axes of robot changed. +Z moves robot not up, but to the side. Space visualization is very strange (like robot is wall mounted):

    Do I need to change these transforms to change robot position to floor? Is mount angle need to change only there? May be somewhere are other settings for mount angle? Does KUKA use data of mount angle (floor/wall/ceiling) for calculating dynamic motion parameters?

    Hi all,

    I have auto generated trajectory for FANUC. And sometimes robot stops because of very fast linear motion. Distance between two points is very small (~0.1 mm), but change of orientation is big (for example 30 deg). Linear velocity isn't slow, may be 100 mm/sec. Robot tries to do this motion extremely fast (no singularity, only fast rotation of joints) and stops with error.

    Does FANUC have system flag for reducing linear velocity in situations when velocity excess? Reducing velocity isn't bad for me.
    KUKA has $CP_VEL_TYPE for such cases:

    Combined they are known as an IRB 800.

    Thank you! I found some information in internet about IRB 800 but RobotStudio doesn't have this model.
    I added 2 robots - IRB 660 and IRB 140 and found calibration "Relative n points" for MultiMove.

    But as I understand - this calibration is only for 2 independent robots (like at the picture).
    But IRB 800 is not the same. One robot is mounted on the flange of other robot.

    Is there calibration for calculating transform between 1-st robot flange and the base of 2-nd robot?

    Hi all,

    I have old Yaskawa MA3100. It has bad mastering (home position).
    Can I find new home position using MotoCalv?
    Robot has unusual 90 deg rotation of B-axis (axis 5) and non-spherical wrist. I didn't such Yaskawa robots before

    I have cell with ABB Frankenstein - robot on robot. Like this one from RobotStudio. Does ABB have native (standart, in teach pendant) calibration for calculating transform (X, Y, Z, Rx, Ry, Rz) from big robot flange to small robot base? Like calibration of linear axis or positioner

    Hi all,

    I have retrofit cell with old YASKAWA 3100, DX100. There was different HOME POSITIONS at teach pendant and in controller. Robot owner doesn't know about this difference. They didn't have replaced motors, memory, etc. I think that it's operator's mistake and I want to return pulses from paper in controller.

    May be they had dead battery? Is need to change HOME POSITION in the case of replacing battery in robot random position? Or HOME POSITION will be constant in cases with battery problems?

    Hi all,

    I have some troubles with FANUC program task status.

    Sometimes after motion program stopped by x11 safety signal - FENCE OPEN, it could freeze in Aborting state and it does not allow to start another program with error - Already locked by other task. Is any way to force abort or kill program?

    We also tried function ABORT from Karel. It returns Success code but has no effect. It still in PROG-50 state.

    Detailed scenario how we get it:

    Robot moves in AUTO by TASK_0. Operator goes throw light barrier and safety aborts this TASK_0. Operator reset safety and then automatically starts new task TASK_1.Usually TASK_1 starts without problems, but sometimes can't do it because old program TASK_0 freezes in status ABORTING (prg-50, 3050) (status from KAREL). At web server is status = ABORTED. At teach pendant at MONITOR screen no such task. Operator can kill TASK_0 by starting programs (such as ZERO or other) in manual mode but it's not convenient.

    Why task can be in status ABORTING infinitely long time? Documentation says "Turn off the robot" but it's awfully, we need to it should be done without rebooting robot.

    Hi all,

    I'm searching for weight and center of gravity for each robot link. Where can I get them? I'm doing research work with ABB 6700-300-2.7 with AbsAcc and need these parameters. Robot used them for calculating gravity compensation.

    I found article with phrase "ABB provided us the weight and center of gravity of each link for the ABB IRB 1600 robot." Can I found it in robot controller? Or these parameters are hidden and I can only ask them in ABB?

    Parameters are like at the picture

    Hi all,

    What means arm_compliance_x, arm_compliance_y, arm_compliance_z in Absolute Accuracy robot? Is it depend on gravity? How?

    Is it something like that:
    Error_x_meters = cos(joint_1) * arm_compliance_x * (link_3_mass * link_3_length_lever_arm_yz + link_4_mass * link_4_length_lever_arm_yz + ...) ?

    Why arm_compliance_y is only for link_2 but arm_compliance_x and arm_compliance_z is only for link_3?

    Hi all,

    I have absolute accuracy robots and I need to calculate forward kinematics by myself because we are using our software for building trajectory. Robot has parameters like error_offset_z, error_roll, etc. for each link.

    But I don't know how are located cs (coordinate systems) for links. I heard that ABB uses DH modified. I have 2 interpretations with cs but seams they are wrong.

    May be you help and show how are located cs.