Disk memory fault 508 30 ( IRB 2000)

  • Hello, I bought an ABB IRB 2000 MK95 with S3 controller . I had to repair electronically drive board YTE no2 and bypass PTC on third wrist in order to get inline the system. A limit switch has to be bypassed too-for now, since unit had two ML-160 tables, a carry system ,optical fences and remote start unit. Main problem occur now : programs can't be read from floppy unit [ 3 " ],error 30 is stable even I replace the unit with several 3 " units, all tested and running.

    Power supply checked : 5.02 V and 11.98 V. Another cable for data I used and gave same error. I have a last hope : beside the floppy connector ( on CPU board ) seem to be two jumpers. There is any description somewhere about those jumpers? Test mode: on CPU the choose of TEST mode gave ability to access disk. There a cleaning can be performed. If I do the cleaning and then repeat Disk -From Disk - Error 28 pop -up. If I clean the error , the following message pup-up : Input 32769 = 241. After 'first' 28 error, on the next attempt to read disk- next error is 508- Disk Memory Fault error 30. Should I consider that Non-Dos format of disk make very sensitive the data to be read -therefore disk head should be cleaned often? [ I do received a diskette with a label : - prog 999 cut -prog 2002 side weld// then I assume system was operating normally back time ] Thank you, Vio

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  • Initialize (format) a floppy disk in the controller disk drive and then see if you can save something to it. ABB does not use an IBM compatible format in their S2 & S3 robots. If you try to use an IBM compatible floppy disk drive in the controller, it will not work unless changes are made to the disk drive to make it compatible with the controller, such as DS=0, DC>RY, SE>P2.

  • Hello Skooter,

    The Floppy disk drive, came with the robot, it is a Mitsumi. I try to init a floppy disk inside but gave error 28. Therefore I changed the drive with another one,receiving same results. I also tested using an external power supply -with common ground to DSQC 215. I received same results but : I find out that -after first attempt to access the disk, unit stay active with rotation continuously active . This show me that there is wrong command issue or a logic loop broken. I downloaded the SAB 2797 ( this one is on DSQC board ) datasheet and look into it for logical parts that I may understand and I find that Command type 1-basic -start with Restore or Seek Track 00 command, this act like a run and run command in order to get 'zero'. a. Either 'zero' cannot be found , b. 'zero' cannot be sent back to SAB 2797 c. SAB 2797 has broken input along TR00 electric pin. According to datasheet, there is no need to change floppy disk drive electrical specifications since this LSI chip is fully compatible IBM even the write/read data over ABB is not DOS. I have no ideas how to proceed further :smiling_face:

  • According to datasheet, there is no need to change floppy disk drive electrical specifications since this LSI chip is fully compatible IBM even the write/read data over ABB is not DOS. I have no ideas how to proceed further :smiling_face:

    So the hundreds of new & used disk drives I converted to work in the S2/S3 robots wasn't necessary? The fun I could have had in the '90's given that time back. Perhaps you should consider just replacing the drive with the conversion from the great folks at SWEROB (Global robot Parts). If you want to learn more on the ABB floppy interface, get a good copy of an S2 product manual and read the theory of operation of the DSMC110 board. A DSQC215 processor board tells me the controller is M90 or M90A.

  • Hello Skooter,

    I am sorry I upset you. Unit was bought near Hasselbol, Sweden and the programs on disk they used was inside . Sure unit was used in welding task. However,my experience with such unit is limited then my knowledge upon use or reverse Engineering with logical circuits made me elaborate conclusions above. Just to confirm the read/write flow of data from floppy disk drive using Siemens SAB 2797 I will attach the datasheet.Scans-00116146-Siemens 2797 .pdf. I sent a request to company that you suggested. I do have all 'delivered' manuals of S2 ( since I have also a IRB6/2 mechanical complete unit ) but I found not yet details about DSMC110 -floppy drive unit related :frowning_face: . I do consider this thread closed. Beside the subject : back '85..'87 our national educational system teach me LSI like 8253 but already ABB build IRB6 with M68000, in '95 I 'play' with National Instrumets under Win 3.3 but Kuka sold already 180k units from G90/G120 type models. There is a gap in knowledge I should consider. I think you need patience with things you read in this forum :smiling_face: Thank you.

  • I'm definitely not upset. Slightly annoyed that I gave a path to get the drive to work and it was dismissed but you get used to that here. Instead of ignoring, I tried to establish that I have experience with S2/S3 floppy drive conversions, gave a possible work around with a unit from GRP and where to gain more information.

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