I/O Block for tool change

  • Hello everyone ,

    I wanted to ask all of you for a suggestion on how to block certain signals in certain moment . I will explain:

    I have a KUKA robot that is using a Tool Change . In order not to open the Tool Change in the middle of nowhere I created a workspace for the Docking stations . My question is - Can I use this signal to block the signals to open/close tool change on robot and permit it only when the robot is inside the workspace . Can anyone write a suggestion how should I write the routine since I am not familiar with KUKA syntax.

    Thank you

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  • This should be an electro-mechanical interlock for safety -- there should be a safety-rated switch mounted to the tool changer that blocks any power from reaching the pneumatic valve unless the switch is actuated, and the switch should be arranged that it is only actuated when the tool is engaged in its stand.

    But if you insist on doing this the non-safe way, you want to put the actual output under control of the SPS, and have the SPS always block the Unlock signal unless the the Workspace signal is True. You'll want to make the Workspace tolerance pretty small to avoid false positives.

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