Kawasaki Spot Welder 7th Axis speed fault

  • I have been having an issue where when teaching or in auto, some weld points receive an axis 7 speed fault (weld tip) after the weld is completed.

    The 7th axis does indeed move very quickly for some reason at these points but I am having trouble figuring out why this is happening.

    I have compared the move commands with other points and they appear to be identical.

    Is there a setting in the spot weld option that I am missing here? I haven't been able to find anywhere that specifies how fast the tip retracts after a weld or tip dress is complete.

    In our shop there was only one weld point where this was occurring, I got around the issue for the time being by decreasing the speed on the move from 9 to 1.

    Now we are onsite doing the install and my tip dress point is doing the same thing. After the dressing is done, it retracts very quickly and faults out.

    Any ideas would be very helpful.

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  • Sorry about that.

    E1123 Speed Error jt 7. is the fault I am receiving.

    Yes, I have looked through the troubleshooting manual for this error and it is attached.

    By the sounds of what is written here, I think #4 describes what is happening to me however nothing I have tried has provided a good result. Changing the speed values don't seem to make any change in the speed of axis 7.

  • The error occurs at the same step as the command for doing the tip dress. After the tip dress has ran it is still executing the tip dress step, it hasn't moved to the following step where it should be retracting the weld tip to clear the tip dresser. This leads me to believe there is something I am missing for setup on the dresser/weld modes through the spot weld option.

    I have attached a robot backup in a text file. I am trying to get a video of the error happening as well

  • Please explain the differences between:

    Step 7 - I assume is a 'pre-dress position.

    Step 12 - I assume is the 'tip dress' position.

    Step 18 - I assume is the 'post tip dress' position.

    Why not have Step 7 and Step 18 having the same position (especially JT7)

    Why is clearance offsets being applied on the tip dress step?

    To me it seems like JT7 is being told to move like a monkey on a bungee across these 3 steps.

  • Yes you are correct. Step 7 is a pre dress. 12 is the dress position and 18 is a post dress. The pre and the post positions could indeed be the same positions. The reason they are not is simply because this is the first day of reteaching on this robot so I touched up the pre and post steps rather quickly just to get it going and then I ran into the tip dressing problem.

    I was unaware that clearance offsets were being applied.. I assume the clearance offsets are the values shown in red in KTools? "CL1=0.980,10.0,10.0,10.0,10.0,10.0,10.0".

    I will do some reading on what these are used for.

    I will remove these offset values and try it again.

  • What you have written seems very worrying indeed.

    Onsite and installing, re-teaching things quickly just to get it going, not aware of settings already in the code and the functionality of those settings.

    I'm not one to judge, but could lead to some expensive mistakes and/or damage if you're not careful.

    Also, using teach and check once is not advisable (IMHO) when checking through with using servo gun operations, better off using check cont as positions (especially with clearance values) can be effected by the check once function.

  • That is understandable and I totally agree. We were provided a backup of an existing robot to base our code on and unfortunately the timeline was has been too short to explore all of the options available so I've just stuck with what was previously there until I've needed to change it.

    I've also got a Motorman material handler in the same cell. Both of which I have not used in the past so learning two different robots at the same time has certainly been a challenge.

    I appreciate the feedback and if I figure out what is creating this error I will post it here.

  • Sure sounds challenging and relying on a backup could result in copying and pasting issues over to the new one.

    These issues (especially if you're not 100% conversant on the code and functionality) could result in you just changing settings until you get it working/causing further problems like damage.

    Not an ideal way to learn, especially onsite.

    In the UK we call this 'shoe horning'.

    What I would suggest is a simple 3 step program test then:

    a. Move and teach the pre and post tip dress positions the same with JT7 fully open (with CL1 OFF).

    b. Move to the tip dress position, close the gun (A+CLx) and teach that with gun status 7.

    c. Set the tip dress force (minimum value so that the gun can close) and the dressing time.

    d. Check them through in check cont.

    e. It should just move to pre, move to tip dress, gun closes for period and opens, move to post.

    This should give you a baseline to start from without any other values required.

    You can then just wrap your signals around all of this then and then further explore other settings.

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