Beginners guide for Staubli TX_260 and CS9

  • hai all,

    I am new to ROS development and Staubli robots. Though i have some prior knowledge on UR5e, I am finding it hard to understand the architecture of Staubli and its other programming interfaces (like staubli robotics suite). So can anyone suggest a beginners tutorial or a guide where i can get a good understanding on the staubli's architecture(VAL3, SRS) and its ROS interfacing. I am not able to find much information or troubleshooting tutorials in the internet (no idea why). It looked like a very closed loop for a beginner like me. Any help from your side would be very helpful.

    Thanks in advance. I think this question is a bit out of context with respect to this forums. As i can't find any good forums (like UR forums) for Staubli (please suggest one,if anyone knows) , I thought this would be helpful for me.

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  • You may be lucky enough to find some descriptive VAL3 language programming documentation available for no cost. Check the Staubli Customer Support site. Those are reference documents and not useful without training. Useful knowledge of programming VAL3 applications comes with a Staubli training course.

  • Hi,

    I hope you are doing well today,

    Here is the SRS tutorials:

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    So VAL3 is just a programming language, probably one of the most powerful comparing with the general industrial robots.

    It's possible to run lots of different tasks without having a headache.

    If you have SRS, just press F1 and read all the available functions.

    If you need any help please feel free to ask me.

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