Posts by Aswathaman G

    hai all,

    I am new to ROS development and Staubli robots. Though i have some prior knowledge on UR5e, I am finding it hard to understand the architecture of Staubli and its other programming interfaces (like staubli robotics suite). So can anyone suggest a beginners tutorial or a guide where i can get a good understanding on the staubli's architecture(VAL3, SRS) and its ROS interfacing. I am not able to find much information or troubleshooting tutorials in the internet (no idea why). It looked like a very closed loop for a beginner like me. Any help from your side would be very helpful.

    Thanks in advance. I think this question is a bit out of context with respect to this forums. As i can't find any good forums (like UR forums) for Staubli (please suggest one,if anyone knows) , I thought this would be helpful for me.

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