Control real robot FANUC with Roboguide

  • Hi everyone !

    My question is simple, is it possible to link real robot FANUC (LR Mate 200i) with the software Roboguide ?

    I mean like, when I start a program on Roboguide and the robot move on my PC, the real robot move too.

    Thanks in advance ! Have a good day ! :smiling_face:

  • You can generate .ls program, test it in roboguide quickly and then sent same .ls to real robot. But of course it's not the same of what you were asking. But you can try to play with ethernet ip and somehow synchronize real and virtual robot trough DO/DI flags through wait command (Virtual move to point - freeze itself, and unfreeze real. Real move to next point, freeze itself and unfreeze virtual. Etc.).

  • Hmm I see what you mean but I think it's not what I want to do :frowning_face: but thanks !

    Maybe you guys know if I can access to real robot's file using my PC (with TCP/IP or USB idk) to have access in real-time to these file to be able to send a .txt file to the robot in the right file that it can read it and move according to what he reads ?

  • For Fanuc robots usually only option is FTP protocol. You can generate .ls program in real time (which is just plain text file), send it through FTP and run with ethernet ip or opcua or other protocol, there are many variants.

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