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    Hmm I see what you mean but I think it's not what I want to do :( but thanks !

    Maybe you guys know if I can access to real robot's file using my PC (with TCP/IP or USB idk) to have access in real-time to these file to be able to send a .txt file to the robot in the right file that it can read it and move according to what he reads ?

    Hi everyone !

    My question is simple, is it possible to link real robot FANUC (LR Mate 200i) with the software Roboguide ?

    I mean like, when I start a program on Roboguide and the robot move on my PC, the real robot move too.

    Thanks in advance ! Have a good day ! :)

    Don't worry it's my bad.

    But yeah I think i can do it using Karel and User Socket Messaging but the connection didn't work and there is not a lot of documentation about that ... X/

    Ok thanks, i will contact FANUC to know more about "Stream Motion" or "Dynamic Path Modification"!

    My goal is the one you said : Matlab sends commands to robot to run a motion program. Because i meant to have like 4 or 5 differents program and I just want to decide which program to run using matlab.

    First, I have to warn you that this will not be easy. You will need to commit time to reading Fanuc manuals on Karel and User Socket Messaging just to get the communication working. To initiate robot motion from an external source is another entire challenge that you will need to tackle.

    Since you have a training cell from Fanuc, I would recommend trying to get as much help as possible from them. For example, they have software add-ons that provide "motion streaming".

    Also, RoboGuide is a simulation of a real robot. So you mentioned the possibility that RoboGuide could read motion commands from a file, thats not really possible. You have to approach it like an actual robot.

    Actually, I have already read the manual from FANUC on KAREL programmation but it didn't really help me for now, I saw things on KAREL Server/Client but they are only giving us a program and the program didn't work when I put it in on Roboguide, there is some issues when I try to switch it from .kl to .pc with roboguide

    And they are not explaining what all functions on the program are doing..

    And yes, the problem is that i can't setup the communication, i'm trying to use User socket messaging but, didn't found how..

    What do you mean about "motion streaming" ? Can you tell me more about it ?

    And about your last sentence, I though maybe like an actual real robot, it can read a file like if it was an I/O from a PLC and then it's starting a program ?

    Hi jmd2777,

    I tried to connect Matlab and Roboguide with a program I found on internet. Roboguide create a server and Matlab is the client that communicate with the server but Matlab cannot connect to Roboguide.

    Here is my KAREL program to create the server :

    PROGRAM TestServer

    %STACKSIZE = 4000




    %ENVIRONMENT sysdef

    %ENVIRONMENT kclop

    %ENVIRONMENT bynam



    %INCLUDE klevccdf

    %INCLUDE klevkeys

    %INCLUDE klevkmsk


    file_var : FILE

    tmp_int : INTEGER

    tmp_str : STRING[128]

    status : INTEGER

    entry : INTEGER

    loop1 : BOOLEAN


    SET_FILE_ATR(file_var, ATR_IA)

    SET_VAR(entry, '*SYSTEM*','$HOST_CFG[1].$SERVER_PORT',8000,status)

    WRITE(' VAR status = ',status,CR)

    -- Connect the tag


    WRITE(' Connect status = ',status,CR)


    WRITE('Disconnect status=',status,CR)

    --loop1 = TRU

    END TestServeur

    I'm not sure if I have to do it like that or if I can just create a file .txt or an excel file and read informations on that excel file with Roboguide (maybe with a karel program or just with roboguide function, I don't know) but the thing is that I have to read these informations in real time. And I didn't found a function on roboguide to read file from my PC.

    Also just to be more precise, what I want to do is to move my robot with voice.

    Hello everyone,

    For my engineering school project I have to create a communication with MATLAB and ROBOGUIDE to be able to send informations from MATLAB to ROBOGUIDE so that the robot (i have an educational cell from FANUC with an LR Mate 200i) can move. I know that it is possible to do it with KAREL programmation and using TCP/IP connection between them but for now, i don't really know how. I heard some solutions with creating server with KAREL and client on matlab but it didn't work.

    Can someone help me for that ?

    Thank you by advance ! :)