make omron optisheild os3101 send pause signal to fanuc robot instead of fault

  • At our facility we have an Omron optisheild OS3101 I have configured the zones using the CFG software they provided and everything works great! the only problem I have is that I need it to send the robot a pause signal instead of sending a fault signal. That way the operators can simply press the resume button on the UOP. How would I go about doing this? I know that there is a way to change the properties for each zone but I cant seem to get the desired outcome does anybody have any experience with this?. Thanks :winking_face:

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  • Since this is a safety device then it should be wired to break the EAS safety signal, or go to a DCS safe input. Anything else will not be safety rated.

    To resume you must pulse the reset signal, then the start signal. You could do that with a single button press if you set up the logic to do so either in an external PLC or internally using BGLOGIC.

  • Ok well it was already wired to the EAS inputs on the robot prior to me reprogramming it. Before I was employed here they had the light facing the ceiling so nothing ever set it off because it kept interrupting the program. Now that I have the zones programmed to where it only sets off when they walk through the cell entrance.

    So what your saying now is that I need to create some sort of background logic to achieve what I am wanting? what would I set in the background logic I am very familiar with programming the Fanuc but I will admit I have not really messed with background logic

  • So all they really have to do is press the reset first, then the resume. Doesn't seem like too big of a deal, but if you really wanted to you could program the resume button to trigger a sequence in BGLogic that pulses the reset signal, then waits, then pulses the resume signal.

    To do so you need to map your reset and resume UOPs to flags instead of the hardwired inputs. Then change your hardwired inputs to DI's. Then create a BGLogic program that uses the DI's to control the flags.

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