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    Ok well it was already wired to the EAS inputs on the robot prior to me reprogramming it. Before I was employed here they had the light facing the ceiling so nothing ever set it off because it kept interrupting the program. Now that I have the zones programmed to where it only sets off when they walk through the cell entrance.

    So what your saying now is that I need to create some sort of background logic to achieve what I am wanting? what would I set in the background logic I am very familiar with programming the Fanuc but I will admit I have not really messed with background logic

    At our facility we have an Omron optisheild OS3101 I have configured the zones using the CFG software they provided and everything works great! the only problem I have is that I need it to send the robot a pause signal instead of sending a fault signal. That way the operators can simply press the resume button on the UOP. How would I go about doing this? I know that there is a way to change the properties for each zone but I cant seem to get the desired outcome does anybody have any experience with this?. Thanks :winking_face:

    I am trying to run a program that supposedly used to run on this robot in the past. since then the robot has been messed with many times and it seems that the user frame for the program has been removed. When I try to run the program I get the error "invalid utool number" what process can I go through to restore/fix this program. Its ok if it is very unaligned at first I can just fix it but I'm not sure the way to go about even getting the program to execute at this point

    After finding a multimeter I noticed that from the controller that controls the robot outputs that the output for my drill is in fact turning completely off. Even though the teach pendant shows the output as on?

    I found the wires that come from the controller to the relay that controls the drill air valve. I noticed there is a green and black wire. I found that the green wire goes straight back to the robot the black wire goes to the bottom part of the relay

    The wire that comes from the robot contains 3 wires the green one a red one and another new black wire. The red wire is attached to the top of the relay and the new black wire isn’t connected at all.

    I haven’t been able to take a good multimeter to it yet as I don’t have one sadly. I was wondering if this unconnected black wire would be my problem

    So I was quite certain that my question was solved but it seems that there's a possibility that I have caused further issues. I am still not 100% familiar with the input requirements on Fanuc robots. IE the inputs for hold, fault, reset and others. Shortly after I assigned some digital inputs the air powered drill started giving me problems. The drill is controlled through robot output 1 RO[1]. toggling the drill on and off works as expected until I step through or try to run a program. As soon as the robot starts moving the drill kicks off. Looking at RO[1] I can see that the output still remains on even after the drill kicks off. I also notice that a digital input labeled fault also turns on. When I go and toggle that I/O on and off (pretty sure its digital input 23) the drill turns off when its on and vice versa. I would figure that if an actual fault was occurring that the entire robot would halt like usual. But instead that input turns on and the rest of the program runs as expected apart from the air drill which I wish to remain on. I have been racking my brain for quite a while and cant seem to solve this issue. any pointers?

    I think that the relay has to be shorting out somehow. Which would explain why the output on the I/O monitor is still showing as "on" even after it kicks off. I'm a programmer honestly and not an electrician so this might be interesting. I mean I completely understand the basics and I'm sure I could trace down the problem if the person who wired it before me didn't wire it like a rats nest.

    Hello, Recently when testing out a new program my fanuc robot has been giving me some problems. Usually whenever i run a program and I want to use the air drill on the robot all I have to do is turn RO[1] to "on" I have never had a problem until yesterday. Now when I go to test a program I can turn the air drill on just fine with no problems at all. But as soon as the robot starts making movements the drill turns off. When i look at the input monitor RO[1] is still showing a "on" but the drill is completely off. I am pretty new to fanuc robots and am at a loss right now as to what my next move should be. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If any further info is needed i can gladly supply it. Thanks in advance.

    Ok for my uop start specifically I have it set for range: 1-18 rack: 1 slot: 2 start: 9

    It’s not working how does the range work.

    All I need is uop start to work at the moment

    All of my UI signals lost there mapping/assignments. I'm pretty new to the scene and am trying to get my fanuc to remote start using UI[6] but i cant figure out how to map them back.

    i know how to get to and assign the signals from the teach pendant but i am confused on what "rack", "slot", "start, and the "range" are for

    attached is a picture of what i'm assuming is needed to get the required info for assigning them but im not sure im new.

    also once thats assigned how would I go about getting the ui controls to cycle start the robot. Right now i have the start method to local and the program selection to other and i put my program name in the system variable that needs changed but nothing is seeming to work correctly. Any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED thanks.

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