Overwrite Problem on Backups

  • Hello everyone,

    I wonder if there is a chance to not owerwrite backups when I get them in same USB Drive from same Robot.


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  • To help you sharing here a few hints:

    What system are we talking?

    What is backup in your question? Kuka knows archives, krcdiags, work visual projects and images. All could be called some kind of backup. From what tooling are we talking? Could be e.g. RecoveryStick, Archive manager Work visual or Backup manager.


    Just imagine I ask you: How do I get my grocery shopping into my car?

    Would you be able to answer this question?

    You do not know what car I own. Maybe a station waggon or not? Whether children are on the backseat? How big my trunk is? ...

    Details matter!!! Very generic general questions never have specific answers.


  • You'r right, my bad. I want that for Archives. When I get them in Flash Driver it comes with robot's name, so is there anyway to get that archive backup with different name ?

    KR C4 - 8.3

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