KRC4 Conveyor Tracking change Synchronization Switch Input

  • Hi Everyone,

    Brief Resume:

    I have configured the conveyor track on WV. I have created the conveyor, assigned the resolver and the synchronization switch goes automatically to the fast measure input 1 on the X33 (see attached picture). I want to know if it is possible to change the switch to be recieved via profinet instead of rapid input X33.


    WorkVisual 5.0


    KSS 8.5.8

    Conveyor 7.1.2

    Manual I am reading: ConveyorTech 7.1


    It seems there are 2 types of creating a conveyor track: external (all data via PLC, manual page 16) or standard conveyor (KUKA Equipment wired on the contoller)

    At the moment I have the KUKA resolver wired on the controller and the sensor switch on the PLC. Is it possible to use the KUKA resolver with the PLC sensor switch?

    Thanks For Your Help

  • It's not possible to do this.

    Either is everything via the PLC (ex.: via profinet) or the kuka resolver and input on the rapid inputs card.

    One work around to my problem was to wire a digital output from the PLC to the rapid input on the KUKA

  • that adds latency


    But in my current scenario the PLC is monitoring the conveyor resolver (not the kuka resolver but an extra one linear to it) because of extra linear robots.

    Given the PLC is already capable itself of conveyor tracking I can send 'controlled' triggers to my robots.

    This also helps me to avoid the use of the 'conveyor skip' instruction since I will no longer have a buffer managed on the kuka side.

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