Switching From Fanuc to Try ABB; Anything I should Look For?

  • Hello, I want try something else and i have heard good things about ABB.

    I am thinking about investing in a used 2011-2013 ABB IRB6640-235/2.55 spot welding robot with the IRC5 controller.

    I noticed the unit i am considering was made in china, I was wondering if this was something that made them different than the swiss made ones.?

    I would love to hear any feedback about anything i should be paying attention to; or considering about these units.

    Thank you for your time.

    Here are all of the options this unit comes with

    collision detection


    discrete application platform

    spot pneumatic

    weld timer config

    rw drive module 1 key

    robotware OS and English



    ethernet IP fieldbus adapter

    ftp and nfs client

    flexpendant interface

    world zones

    devicenet master -slave single

    path recovery

    pc interface ?????????????

    abb standard manipulator

    axis 1 standard work range

    no motor fan

    spot pneumatic

    drive sys 09 4600-66 x 0/460/660/760

    does not come with an additional drive (whatever that means) =is that the 7th axis ?

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  • Years back ABB moved their world headquarters for robotics to Shanghai, presumably to be closer to those emerging markets. As such, they shifted manufacturing mostly to China. They are supposed to be the same. I know some who had the opinion that some of the first ones coming from there had quality concerns. Yes, additional drive unit would be for an external axis.

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