Hello, I want try something else and i have heard good things about ABB.

    I am thinking about investing in a used 2011-2013 ABB IRB6640-235/2.55 spot welding robot with the IRC5 controller.

    I noticed the unit i am considering was made in china, I was wondering if this was something that made them different than the swiss made ones.?

    I would love to hear any feedback about anything i should be paying attention to; or considering about these units.

    Thank you for your time.

    Here are all of the options this unit comes with

    collision detection


    discrete application platform

    spot pneumatic

    weld timer config

    rw drive module 1 key

    robotware OS and English



    ethernet IP fieldbus adapter

    ftp and nfs client

    flexpendant interface

    world zones

    devicenet master -slave single

    path recovery

    pc interface ?????????????

    abb standard manipulator

    axis 1 standard work range

    no motor fan

    spot pneumatic

    drive sys 09 4600-66 x 0/460/660/760

    does not come with an additional drive (whatever that means) =is that the 7th axis ?

    I have been unable to work on this because of the newest problem that just arrived. when i fire up my old gm fanuc 165f the script on the TP starts flashing on and off, I am unable to get it to stop and none of the buttons work.

    If anyone wants to take a look i have a brief youtube video showing this in action (

    Previous to this I had just hooked up the yellow and grey aircraft connected wires to the old spot welder cabinet in an attempt to get the old ethernet/devicenet system turned on and working.

    This flashing TP was the result,

    Well the rJ3iB controller for the 165F is backup and running;

    Just Like Skooter said,=" do a controlled start and see what happens

    I was surprised that alone was essentially enough to bring it back to life -, But then i uploaded the image files and its off to solve the rest of the faults!

    I was wondering if anyone knew if any of the GM Fanuc j3ib systems actually required the brake release in order to function?

    I have been going through fanuc manual after manual but there is not much mentioned about the break release option.

    The reason i ask: I noticed that all of the fanuc robot systems that were for sale had a break release box except mine had been snached off, probly to fix another unit in service, It has the marking remnants of one that was once hooked up.

    Thanks again guys for guiding me through this, you know who you are.

    Have a great night!

    Thank you again for the help on this Skooter; I will take a look at your recommendations in the next 48 hours or so.

    I was testing some fuses, i had forgot to put the 3 fuses on the servo amp back in, That time i noticed that one of the light on the lower emergency stop bort came on. I have a feeling what's going on is what's called a "Single Chain Failure" From what i understand is the only option i have is an initial start. So this is the plan but first i need to pull out what memory i can. Unfortunately I do not have the original software. I have tried several times to download the image files only to get an error saying the the 250mb mc did not have 18mb of free space on it, I was finally able to pull what i believe is part of the memory out,    See screen shot of tp of memory i was able to extract.

    In the initial boot screen on startup says i have 118 files, This photo is the second and last screen of data i pulled off the controller. DOES THIS LOOK LIKE ENOUGH TO BE THE WHOLE IMAGE FILE OF THE CONTROLLER? IS THERE ANY OTHER FILES LIKE TP I NEED TO PULL?

    Hello Again Guys, I switched the TP with my other i-pendant and cord, Unfortunately; No change.

    I replaced the door panel board with a spare, and no change

    I noticed the 2 or 3 green lights on the emergency stop board were not turning on, so i switched the contactor & emergency stop board and still no change.

    Like i mentioned before; When i first purchased and hooked up this unit, i changed a few parameters and turned the control off and then on again (per instructions) and this failure to fully boot up was the result,.

    if i try and do a controlled start after holding prev + next i can get to the option screen but after i select controlled start, it just goes back to blank screen.

    i have not done an initial start yet.

    Is that the right pendant for your R-J3iB? What part # is on the back? If Arc Welding overlay, should be A05B-2301-C372, not A05B-2301-C302.

    The pendant cable should be 2004-T411/L=xxxx

    The picture shows the initial teach pendant power up screen that clears once data is received from the controller. Check the 7-segment display on the Main Board to see if there is an error code. If it's a decimal point, then the controller booted fine and the problem is likely the teach pendant, teach pendant cable, or the panel board.

    Skooter; The pendant is A05B-2301-C370 For years 2002-03 (2003-04 = same year as my setup anyway)

    The 7-seg readout just has just a Decimal point displayed

    I also have a M6iB with R-J3iB, I use a #A05B-2490-C175 i-pendant For years 2001-04,

    Scooter Would you know if ok to use the I pendant & cord for both units =when i am testing?

    if not the tp or cord; I have an extra panel board that i can change out to see if that is the problem.

    I want to eliminate the tp first.

    Thanks again

    I know this thread is an old one but i think it could still be relevant; as i am having a similar problem with my R-J3ib. I have attached a photo of the TP screen.

    This happened after i changed the following parameters.



    This was an attempt to turn off the servo brakes, The manual instructed to turn the power on and off again after the parameters were changed.

    when i turned the control back on this is what i got. and then nothing after a few seconds.

    I would greatly appreciate any insight anyone has about this issue.

    i would love to get my 165f going.