Re execute the line after fault reset

  • Hi

    I have a 6 axis robot going to a PR in front of an inspection camera. The part could be at 0 degree or a 180 degree

    Something like

    IF DI 4 = on THEN

    L PR[1] 1000 mm fine, PR[2:offset 180] PR[2] 0,0,0,0,0,180

    While the robot was rotating somebody open the gate.

    Ok, we closed the gate, fault reset AND seems to me that the robot started executing the line again (another 180 from where it was) and all the airlines got tangled and the robot stopped

    I think that is the way Fanuc works. I wonder is there is a solution.

    One could be telling the PLC that while we were executing that particular line there was a fault, then the PLC can load a -180 in the PR

    Any ideas ?

    Retired but still helping

  • Linear moves by default go to the closest turn number, not an exact turn number. I suspect this is your problem.

    You can drive it to an exact turn number by either using a Joint move or Linear with the Wjnt modifier.

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