TAST issue - Getting limit error on the line after TOUCH OFFSET

  • Guys - I was trying TAST on my robot

    The program is running fine till line no 20

    Whenever it executes line 21 - TOUCH OFFSET PR 3

    It throws an LIMIT ERROR on next line 22

    My Point 18 P18 on line 22 is perfectly reachable - No axis is at its extreme , so i don't know why i am getting limit error. WHENEVER I skip line 21 and directly run line no. 22 , it goes to P18 without error.

    I am assuming that TOUCH OFFSET PR 3 is doing something to cause this issue.

    Any suggestion on what i am doing wrong....

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  • i am new to TAST and i just copied this program from the Fanuc manual

    As per the instruction in the manual , i think when we run Search on line 2 , it stores the value of that position and then offset it on line 21 .

    When you say whats inside it ? should i got to PR 3 and try to move robot to PR3 position to check where it goes? or how can know whats inside it?

  • Just run your search program and hold it while moving on line 20, then go to you Position registers under DATA and look at the data stored in PR[3].

    Are you trying to use the simple search? If so, this might be an issue with running the search in the Z direction.

    The example in the R30ib manuals only includes a two direction search and the snippet below indicates how it is used.

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