Paint pro simulation software

  • Hi.

    I´m a newbie with paint robots , and I need a little help with Fanuc robot.

    I´m Working with Paint pro V9 rev I, and I have a robot Type ARC Mate 100iD (Not a "Paint robot" but Paint Pro is installed) Firmware is 9.10P

    The software is tested on a real robot, so it´s work 100%.

    The problem is with the simulation software, I can execute the program in T2, but not in AUTO. When I try to execute the software from the run panel, The Paint Pro software return than the robot is not in production mode.

    I now than I need the input UI Start, but 'I can set it from the robot controller. I tried to bind the input to a flag , But Also when I set it to "on" the robot controller return than is not in Automatic (That was too easy).

    Fanuc Help Line told me than they make course, but they don´t have a manual to send me (Thanks).

    Anyone has fought against this problem, and has a solution?

    thank to all

  • Try Cell->I/O Interconnect from the top menu line. UI isn't listed in the list of data you can interconnect, but you can circumvent that by configuring the UI to DI in the I/O UOP In settings.

    Not sure on your typical UOP configuration, but this is how I cycle simulations

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