External Mode Switch Replacement

  • Hello all,

    I'm currently using an R30iB compact plus controller with a Scara SR -3iA. I'm looking to reverse engineer the mode switch (A05B-2690-K400) so that I can avoid buying this part from Fanuc and instead integrate it's function into a PCB that I'm building. I've attached the pinout for the JRT3 plug but I'm hoping somebody here can assist me with which "Mode XX" (pins 3,13,5,15) signals need to be high/low when I rotate the switch from Auto/T1/T2.


  • Thanks for the reply. This doesn't seem to make sense when compared to my current drawing. I updated my drawing to give the current pinout for when it's running in Auto Mode. I just need to know which of the "Mode XX" to move to 0V and which to move to 24V to get the robot into T1/T2.

    Red - indicates unused

    Blue- indicates the pins are jumpered together


  • Interesting. The schematic I've attached was of the jumper that was sent with the robot from FANUC so that we can job in AUTO mode without a TP or operational panel installed (Use/Operate the robot strictly through iRProgrammer). I wonder if it expecting both AUTO and T2 high to meet the jog in AUTO condition.

    Thanks though! I will play around and see if this works as expected.

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