camera taking a long time to take picture

  • Hi, i work on application with IRVISION for car factory its a M-20iA/35M mounted with Kowa camera controller is R30iB+.

    Cell was running fine untill we tried to fit camera with polarized glass to stop iron dust from covering camera it wasnt working well so we took the glass down.

    Even after taking the glass down issue remained basically robot comes to camera position and takes a picture but sometimes its takes too long sometimes even 30 seconds and sometimes it takes picture in a second . Any suggestions ?

    Thank you.

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  • HI

    I would like to see your setup but I will assume that you are taking pictures of the same part always

    I think the problem is that the vision can not find the part and it takes many pictures until it finds it.

    I have a question, does it take longer to take the picture OR takes to long to find the part ?

    Can you put a counter to see how many times you go through the RUN VISION command ?

    Retired but still helping

  • camera is taking picture of 3 different types of bolts .I will try that but i assume it takes a long time to find it because sometimes it finds them immediatly.

  • i recalibrated a camera but it didnt help so i returned it back to previous state a the problem is no more :grinning_squinting_face: . I also took out USB from controller on which camera was logging images i dont know if that had any effect but its working now. Thanks for help .

  • Hi belnea1,

    logging images to a device(mc,ud1,ut1) can take a couple of seconds.

    In the case that the device is full or a lot of images exists it might take even longer.

    Log only failed images or disable logging.

    Inside "vision runtime window" you can check how long it took to calculate the "result" of the process....

    If you are running async VisionProcesses ( a second task for snap_find etc (via RUN command) alongside of (heavily calculated) motion, the performance will be worse, too.

    Best regards


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