Configuration and use of ToolSight

  • Hi Friends, I'm working on a toolsight aplicattion for a robotic cell with 2 MA1440/MH12 and a dx200 controller, i want to use the toolsight for tcp corrections, so if someone have used toolsight before can explain me how to configure and use toolsight for dx200?, i have the toolsight manual for nx100 son i don't know if i can follow the instructions to configure ToolSight on dx200.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Hopefully you have jobs named R1SAFE and R2SAFE, SETUP and SETUP_R2, TCP-CHECK and TCP-CHECK-R2, TS_SEARCH and TS_SEARCH_R2.

    Verify that you have a good tcp for each robot with the correct wire stick out.

    Measure the distance from the edge of the nozzle to the tcp for each robot. Change the value, if necessary, in the SETUP and SETUP_R2 jobs for the value of D022. About 20 lines or so down in the job is a SET D022 15000. (R1), D032 for SETUP_R2. Change the line below, if necessary, for the correct tool number. Below that is the number of the Rapid Input for the X beam, change if necessary. Below that is the Rapid Input number of the YZ beam, change if necessary. Farther down is the limits for the min and max, and search speed. Last setup item is in the SETUP is relay for operation for R1.

    Teach an approach position and a center of beams position for each robot in the corresponding job. Make sure that the bottom of the nozzle is parallel to the beams/ tool sight gauge.

    In the TCP-CHECK and TCP-CHECK-R2 teach positions as necessary to get to the approach above toolsight and the pointer tool. Change if necessary towards the top of the job (first 20 lines or so) the PULSE instruction address and time, if necessary for feed wire. Change farther down the PULSE address and time, if necessary to retract wire. The wire stick out needs to be measured before and after the TCP-CHK job is executed. If the eso is not the same adjust the timer values on the pulse instruction.

    If you got this from Motoman with the cell this should all be setup and worse case positions should be the only thing to modify. Should have been tested at the factory.

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  • thanks, so i was reading the ToolSight manual for nx100 and it says that i need to convert the TCP_Check job to a relative job to use it, do i need to do that ? and is it necesary to run the SETUP job every time I'm going to check the TCP or only need to call the TCP_Check job? and last question, to verify the toolsight is working correctly do i need to run the jobs on automatic or i can run it in manual?

    Thank you very much for your help

  • You don't need to convert the job to relative. Converting to relative is for when you do not have FSU. Non-FSU Toolsight will rewite the tcp data.

    Since you have FSU rewriting the tool data will require a safety board flash reset. You don't want to do that every time.

    Call the TCP-CHECK job. In it the job will call R1SAFE/R2SAFE and call the TS-SEARCH jobs.

    I'm not following the run the jobs in automatic or manual. Do you mean Teach or Play? You could do either. I would start out with INTERLOCK + TEST-START. Better to crash slow than crash fast.

    I know a thing or two, because I’ve seen a thing or two. Don't even ask about a third thing. I won't know it.

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