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    I'm working on a cell with dx200 and 2 ma1440, the cell is working, but i want to activate a signal the external output #31302 so when i finish the job the plc knows, so i want to know how. can anyone explain me a little about the robot-plc mapping.

    thanks, so i was reading the ToolSight manual for nx100 and it says that i need to convert the TCP_Check job to a relative job to use it, do i need to do that ? and is it necesary to run the SETUP job every time I'm going to check the TCP or only need to call the TCP_Check job? and last question, to verify the toolsight is working correctly do i need to run the jobs on automatic or i can run it in manual?

    Thank you very much for your help

    Hi Friends, I'm working on a toolsight aplicattion for a robotic cell with 2 MA1440/MH12 and a dx200 controller, i want to use the toolsight for tcp corrections, so if someone have used toolsight before can explain me how to configure and use toolsight for dx200?, i have the toolsight manual for nx100 son i don't know if i can follow the instructions to configure ToolSight on dx200.

    Thanks for your help.