IRB 2600 Auto Stop Conflict

  • Hello everyone, I have the ABB IRB2600 robotware 5.14 Arc Welding robot. I want this robot to stop automatically when the door is opened or when entering the light barrier. I don't know how to make cable connections, can you help me? Thank you.

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  • Yeah... no...

    While it technically would accomplish the job, you don't want to wire safety functions to system inputs.

    Depending on the age of the controller it might be a different drawing set but look at this diagram and the run-chain.

    (open the cabinet do you have black or silver drives ? back wall straight ahead)…/3HAC024480-011_rev11.pdf

    You want to use general stop for gate switches and light curtains.

  • I agree to using the panel board but disagree about using the general stop for the gate switch. General stop also stops you in teach so you cannot go in through the gate to teach the robot. I would use auto stop for gate, light curtain is optional for whichever. Although it is annoying when one is teaching and some goober decides to break the light curtain and gives you a general stop.

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