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    Hello friends. I would like to consult you about a problem we are having today. We had to turn off the energy in a machine with a robot, and since the energy of the robot was fed from the main panel of this machine, the energy of the Robot was also turned off. (Robot Controller IRC 5. ) When we turned the power back on, the Robot gave "Axis computer not found (Event Message 39522)" Error. I tried restarting the robot a few times, I B-Start but it didn't work. I turned off all the fuses from the main panel of the robot, disconnected and plugged the Axis computer energy cable, then when I turned on the power, the problem was gone. However, I think I got lucky this time :) . In order not to encounter such a problem again, how should I turn off the robot's energy?

    Hello everyone, friends. I need help with an issue. I want to have the robot line up the pieces sequentially, one on top of the other. I set the robot up and down positions. He left the first piece in the down position, where the position of the Z axis is registered as 392. I want the next piece to be left in order of 402, the next one 412 ... until it reaches the up position (762 ). How should I go about this?

    Hello again. I actually want the robot to continue whenever it finds it in Box 1 and Box 2. However, if he cannot find it in the first search, he should search a second time, just in case, and then move on to the other Box. (I want it to continue if it finds Box1 in the first search, but search a second time if it can't find it. If it doesn't find it in the second search, I want it to go to Box2. If it finds Box 2 in the first search, I want it to continue, but if it can't find it there in the first search, I want it to search a second time, if If Box 2 still can't find it, then I want it to go to the Home position.)

    Hello everyone, I made a project using the SearchL command, a part finder project. I've made some progress, but I'm having trouble somewhere. When the robot goes to Box1 and picks up the part, everything works as I want it to. However, Box1 gives a Search Error when it cannot find a part. I'm trying to program this in rapid error handling. If it can't find it, I want it to search Box1 again. If it can't find it in a search again, I want it to go to Box2. And if it finds it there, go to "gomark_1" again. However, if it can't find it after two searches, it should go to the Home position and wait for me to press the start button again. However, I'm having trouble with the error handling part. I can't run the error handling twice in Box 1 and 2. Even if you run it only once, it goes to the "pendbox2" point, which is the last search part of Box 2, and gives a Search Error again. I couldn't understand where I made a mistake. Could you help?

    I am sharing my code below, I have also shared it in .txt format. Thank you.


    Hello everyone, friends. I want to ask you a few questions about a subject.

    1-) When using the Robotarget command,

    Local Const robtarget

    const robtarget

    Persian robtarget

    More than one robtarget command is used, such as What are the differences between them?

    2-) Which command should I use where?

    For example, which one should I use when using MoveL, or when using MoveAbsJ?

    3-) When we want to Modify Position on the robot. Can I Modify Position with these commands?

    4-) Do we have to use these commands?

    For example instead of using Persian robtarget

    Can I use MoveJ, MoveL, MoveL?

    5-) How can I connect to Online Controller with Robot Studio and see the axis positions of the Robot?

    For example; [[474.515579345,-460.1177625,-1200.270870982],[0.638427646,-0.639925576,0.300698508,-0.304114789],[0,0,0,0],[4268.9E+09,0,9E+09,9E+09, 9E+09]]

    How can I see the axis values of the robot with ROBOT Studio?

    I forgot to write down the problem I was having, Robot only prints on the screen in case of sensor 1, but does not proceed to the next steps. How can I solve this problem?

    In other words, when (sensor1) is 1, the Robot stays at step 17 and does not proceed to the next steps. It does not exit the while loop. I want to solve this problem. Could you help?

    Hello again. I had one more problem. If the output from step 16 (sensor1) (which I marked in blue) is 1, I want to continue the robot from the motion from step 26. What should I do for it?

    Hello friends. I need to write a basic program in Rapid, can you help me?

    Let sensor1 be Digital Input.

    Program steps are as follows;

    If sensor1 = 1

    Let the robot continue with normal steps without doing anything.


    if sensor1 = 0

    "Operation failed"

    Let a text appear on the screen,


    Set the Digital Output.

    For example, set the Digital Output named "do_1" Digital Output.

    Thank you.

    Hello. Thanks for all your support. I started researching Power On Event. However, I have another question. Is there another way to create two digital outputs so I can tell if the robot is in or out of a location? For example, if the Robot is in Position 1, let's enable Do_1_in_position. If the robot is not in position 1, activate the digital output Do_1_out_position.

    Hello everyone. I want the robot to send a digital output when it enters a position. For this, I defined two positions named pos_11 and pos_22 and defined values according to the World Coordinate system. However, when I moved the Robot, I could not get the Digital output. What could be the reason? Can you help me? Thank you.

    I have shared the codes as .txt below.


    Hello to everyone. I am producing 10 different projects in my robot. projects are named project_1, project_2, ... project_10. I want to do the project selection process from the HMI panel. (Siemens Plc and HMI panel). While the robot is in home position, I want it to work according to the signal from the plc (for example, project_2). So I want to send the job code to the Robot from the HMI panel. What commands should I use on the Robot for this? Is there a sample project about it? Thanks in advance.

    Hello everyone, friends. In the robot program I wrote, when the robot completes the task and returns to its home position, it automatically performs the same tasks again, I added "stop" to the end of the command to prevent this. This time the Robot goes through "Stopped". This time the Robot expects me to press the "play" button on its pendant, but I want the robot to go to its home position and wait until the signal (example waitDI Signal_01) comes back. I don't want to press the play button on the pendant. For this, which commands should I change in the program and which commands should I add instead? I am attaching the program line below. Thanks in advance.

    Hello everyone. I have a question for you, I have multiple module and Routine files. Every routine works with signal control if the robot is going to move. For example, if the 1st Module is the main module, I want a routine file connected to the 2nd module to run automatically when the robot is in automatic mode, when the signal for the routine work that is connected to the 2nd module comes. it works, how can i do that? Another question I have is, is there a signal to understand whether the robot is working at the moment? If not, how should we create it? Thank you from now.

    Hello friends, in the program I wrote, interrupt works depending on AIR PRESSURE and PLC CONNECTION, if these two signals

    I want the interrupt to run and the robot to stop if anyone steps in.

    When the signal is lost, the interrupt kicks in and the Robot stops.

    So far everything works fine.

    But the problem is that when there is no signal loss, the interrupt is activated and the Robot stops. I checked the robot signals both visually and via plc, but there was no signal loss.

    The robot works between 5 and 10 minutes and the interrupt is automatically activated.

    I think I made a mistake in programming, I am sharing the Picture below and the MainModule file with you, can you help?