NX100/DX100 board revisions

  • Hello,

    Does it matter which revision board the system is using as long as it is the same board?

    For example system with DX100 is currently using SRDA-EAXA01A REV. B01, is it safe to replace the board with REV. C01

    Another example: NX100, JANCD-NCP01-1 REV.25, does it matter if replaced with REV.24.

    Thanks for the help

  • AD
  • You have to be really careful with the revisions of boards. Some times it's nothing, the manufacturer changed a fuse type or how the circuit is routed... Other times it's a major change that needs software to support or NPN vs PNP I/O...

    The best thing to do is call Yaskawa and ask before you swap cards. Phone advice is always free at Yaskawa.


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