Adding a 7th axis

  • Hello, I'm am finally back in the country (working on Movies in Mexico and Canada) and I'm going to try and get my 7th axis up and going again.

    I have a Fanuc R-2000iB-100P # F-89786

    Fanuc System Controller R-30iA

    Aux Servo Card ai SV A06B-6117-H106

    AC Servo Motor ai SR 30/3000 A06B-0041-B605#S042

    I have the following cables installed

    Link TB1 on the Aux Drive to CRR68 on the 6-axis drive

    Battery Connector CX5X A06B-6093-K303

    CXA2B on the Aux Drive to CXA2A on the 6-axis Drive A06B-6110-K210

    COP10B on the Aux Drive to COP10A on the 6-axis Drive Optical connector

    ENC1/JF1 Pulse coder L axis to Servo Motor A06B-6078-K225

    CZ2 Motor Power L axis to Servo Motor

    CRR65 on the 6-axis Drive to the Servo Motor

    There is also a cable for the fan on the Motor, not sure where to connect this.

    If you have any knowledge on how to add the Aux drive to the system I would greatly

    appreciate it if you could give me some guidance on how to proceed.


    Michael Kirchmeier

  • I'm not sure if this is exactly what you are asking but go into a controlled start, and then into variables and down to click on $SCR and change $NUM_GROUP to 2 and $NUM_TOT_AXS to 7. And then go back and go into $SCR_GRP<$SCR_GRP{2} (MAY NEED TO RESTART TO GET IT TO SHOW UP) set number of axes to 1 and then $SCR_GRP{2}. $AXISORDER set the first axis to 7. Then while still under controlled start go to menu<maintenance and set up the grp 2 axis as what you want (basic positioner, etc). you can either hit the soft key for auto setup or manual and enter all the motor info stuff yourself

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