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    We have a R30ib m-710ic robot. And from the day it was set up from the integrator, the TP display will not show the current running program when you press the "edit" button... It will only show the last program that was manually selected with the TP, and no it is not in background edit (even then it would show the current running program when you press edit a second time).

    Anyone happen to know what would cause this and how to fix it? Any help is greatly appreciated.


    I'm not sure if this is exactly what you are asking but go into a controlled start, and then into variables and down to click on $SCR and change $NUM_GROUP to 2 and $NUM_TOT_AXS to 7. And then go back and go into $SCR_GRP<$SCR_GRP{2} (MAY NEED TO RESTART TO GET IT TO SHOW UP) set number of axes to 1 and then $SCR_GRP{2}. $AXISORDER set the first axis to 7. Then while still under controlled start go to menu<maintenance and set up the grp 2 axis as what you want (basic positioner, etc). you can either hit the soft key for auto setup or manual and enter all the motor info stuff yourself

    Hey guys I was wondering if anyone has a clue on to why I get a cpmo0075 path change fault need backwards execution? This fault comes up after the mig robot goes into error recovery for a burnt tip then resumes from the window goes back to the part and gets this fault! All I have to do is move the cursor up 1 line and continue and everything is good... any help greatly appreciated Thanks

    We have a arcmate 100ib with rj3ib. The robot runs fine in Auto at 100% but when i go to reteach points in T1 it will initially give me a collision detect on axis 2 and 3, but once I reset and start moving it is fine until I release the shift button(while STILL holding the deadman) and press it again and try to move and it will give the collision fault but as long as i don't release the shift button it moves fine!? I have tried adjusting the disturbance limits with no success.

    Has anybody seen anything like this before? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!!

    We have a Fanuc arcmate 100ibe rj3ic, 3 robot cell with Lincoln Powerwave 455m welders and a PLC. And when interrupting the cycle on, Fixture A to reteach a weld or what not, most of the time when you resume the whole process in Auto, the robots get to the very last weld in the program and never stop welding. they just stay in one spot keep welding until the operator hits an e-stop. Anyone have any idea what could cause this? Also when done teaching a weld, i am in a sub program and if i try to resume the robot. It will just give a failed to run task-continuing from distant position and will not restart, i have to actually finish the sub program manually with teach pendant and get back into the main PNS for it to restart in Auto, any Ideas on what causes this?

    Thanks in Advance!!

    We received a 2 robot dual arm system from another building, it is R30iA with DCS and 2 arcmate 100ic robots. The controllers needed their servo amplifiers replaced because they were robbed for other robots. I replaced servo amps and hooked everything back up to see if we can get them to work again, had to do an image restore because initially had a parity fault on cpu because someone removed the battery. We then reconfigured it from a 5 group system to just 2, jumpered out all the e-stop stuff. how to figure out how exactly the fiber optic cables were connected but now the teach pendant is no longer showing any faults and the servos wont engage. i can push the estops, remove all the jumpers from the panel board and still get no faults at all on teach pendant and no power to servos...Anybody run in to something like this before?? the should give me some kind of fault on it. The main board LEDs are good too.

    I am setting up error recovery on a 2 robot weld cell(RJ3ib arcmate 100ib V6.4). they are setup the same way and Robot 2 jumps back into the program just fine, but Robot 1( which also controls the fixture with Group 2) will not restart program after error recovery... it gets a INTP-284 no detection of fast fault recovery. the solution in Diag help says to reduce nesting but it only runs a PNS and calls the single weld sub program before the error recovery. There is no calling sub programs within sub programs. Is there some kind of variable that affects this? Please help, again the error recovery stuff is set up the same way as Robot 2 which works fine

    We have a cell with 2 arcmate 100ib r-j3ib robots with Miller auto access 300 welders/feeders and a single fixture. I have a button on the HMI to jog wire for when the operator has to do a tip change, this button is attached to DI 8 and the inch wire foward and feed foward both use WO 4. I configured the remote feed foward (in the weld input screen) to use DI 8 but cannot get it activate the WO 4 when pressing the button. We have another cell with an r30ia and r3oib, but with lincoln welders and it works fine(they use DO's instead of WO). Any help on how i can get this setup to work would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance


    We have a i400 Lincoln powerwave connected to our r30iA(rj3ic?) with a arcmate 120ib robot and a lincoln 4r220 or 10r feeders(tried both). But am getting the fault : Arc-134 EQ1 E:9 PM missing robot option. I initially had the fault and then our EE changed robot IP adress and we had to fix it on the i400, and then the fault went away and i even made a weld, but then today it came back?!

    Can anybody help me out with what this means?

    thanks in advance!

    We have have R30iA controller that was originally with a arcmate 120ib robot and want to make it work with a arcmate 100ic robot that we don't have the original R30iA controller for. I believe this should be doable but want to make sure, is this possible? And what would be involved?