Constant declarations

  • This is a repeat post but i need to figure this out, I am using a C5G controller, and am trying to add in some constant declarations however i have been unsuccessful in doing so. I have read through multiple manuals, and tried the comau tech support number and both have been less than successful.

    This is the simplest thing thats giving me trouble.


    FMI1_StyleProg = 1

    ReadStyleGoToPounce = 38


    Any help people can give would be appreciated

  • AD
  • Your CONST declaration looks fine.

    What are the errors the robot is showing?

    If Your program is calling any subroutine that is declared in other file, You should import this routine before the BEGIN statement.

    Are You writing your programs with WinC5G?

    If yes, when You save it (if is a .cod) or compile it (if is a .pdl), WinC5G should point You what is wrong with Your syntax.

  • sorry for the misunderstanding, the example i put is what im trying to enter into the program. i need direction on how to actually do that. i dont have any menu options that relate to constants, and when i try to manually enter it on the pendent i get an error.

    the one direction i recieved form another source said to program it offline using winc5g and then send it to the controller. which works but id like to know a method to do it on the pendent, incase offline programming isnt an option.

  • Pendant has IDE and Editor, if I recall correctly. On one You cannot see the contents before BEGIN statement, but You can use formularies and so on.

    On other You cannot use built in instructions, but You can view the variable declaration of the file, and You can write what You want, including CONST section.

    But, every time You change the program this way, You need to load it again on memory.

  • If access to winC5G isn't available, using the Filer screen, under Util, Translate you can move a program from binary(.COD) to ASCII (.PDL) allowing you to edit it with any text edit software (notepad etc.). When returning the file to the robot, you can use the same Translate command to turn it back to binary. You must then load the program for it to be used by the robot. This does not afford the same syntax monitoring that winC5G or the IDE do, but it should be sufficient in a pinch for an experienced programmer.

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