Track-001 Track jnt move not allowed

  • Hi everyone,

    We are running a welding program with a ARC Mate 120ic/ R-30iB. During welding program I got an alarm of Track-001. Jnt move not allowed. It is a J 30% CNT20 in the middle of four Linear moves. L 800mm/sec CNT30. I looked the code up for remedy and it said to change it to Linear. After looking at the motion of the points, the J move probably should've been a L move to begin with since it seemed to be in a relatively straight movement but I didn't think a J move would've had a issues with this straight movement. I changed it to a linear move like the others and it is running fine. Thanks in advance to anyone who could explain it to me.

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  • Thanks Jay,

    All these moves are air moves. The previous weld had tracking in it and did not have a track end with the arc end. I'm assuming that's why the J air move faulted out.

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