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    Are you getting a degenerative circle error? If it is a small circle they can be a pain sometimes, best to test in T2 in that scenario. Do you have any Track sensing or Touch sensing incorperated into the said weld?

    To track sens a weld you will need to do a weave sign not a weave circle. It needs the weave to properly track as it is sensing the feedback voltage from the seam. I have seen improper weld tracks cause collisions.

    The possibilities are endless honestly, if you design it. If you are looking for premade ready made units I have seen ATI and Onrobots end of arm tooling used.

    Hope you find what your looking for!

    You will need to use a PR for each touch Point. That is were the data is recorded, and correct me if I'm wrong but PR 32 should not be used because that is the temp storage for the search function. Also do you have a wire break and wire trimmer for the power cable assy? Regulating the wire distance as it searches is key to make it successful.

    Just make sure you use the correct PR offset were you touched, and I try to touch the 1st surface that will move the most.

    We had the same problem on Sync executions. The only remedy we fount to work was to add a short wait on the call code to make sure they all stayed in sync.

    I'm not sure on the exact name for it, but we always called them fiber disk isolator. Your supplier for welding products should be able to get it for you.

    You will do it using your digital I/O's. One for (DO?) spin and 1 (DO?) for raise, its usually helpful to have an air blast while its reaming also.

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