Problema con saferdw

  • Hola queria consultar a a comunidad sobre un error que no ha ocurrido con un Kuka KRC2 Version 2005.

    Creo que el problema puede venir o de la consola del selector o placa de seguridad la RDW.

    Pero queria consultar.

    El Robot no se puede mover ni en automatico ni en modo manual.

    Nota: soy nuevo en el foro, espero aprender de la gran sabiduria junta que hay este foro.


    Hi, I wanted to consult the community about an error that has not happened with a Kuka KRC2 Version 2005.

    I think the problem may come either from the selector console or the RDW security board.

    But I wanted to consult.

    The Robot cannot be moved neither in automatic nor in manual mode.

    Note: I am new to the forum, I hope to learn from the great wisdom together that there is this forum.

    Thank you. Error.jpg


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  • If correct I get the icon as I do not know in what mode it is whether manual or automatic. The fault can come from one of these 2 components the console or the security module RDW board? ..

    The power supply unit has two lights that I think should be green and is red step photo ..


  • Hello, the problem or breakdown where the RDW safety board or the console that has broken down the selector switch can be used allows to select in model T1 or T2 that is to say the manual and automatic. I have overlapped the connectors and nothing has been touched has been good at first since I was working with it.

    Thank you


  • Possible reasons for the error of invalid configuration in SafeRDW for KR 60HA Safe Robo

    Possible reasons for the error of Invalid configuration in SafeRDW for KR 60HA Safe Robot with one external axis using KR 2ed05 controller

    1. $G_COE_CUR[7]=85: Current Regulator may be set too high, A1 to A6 are all set to 15

    2. Permissible rated current: $CURR_MON[7]=12.80 may not be enough.

    3. Limitation of command speed, axis[n]: $COM_VAL_MI, now set 150% for all axises.

    Check whether the settings are reasonable for Parameter of Positioning window: $IN_POS_MA[7]=1.5 and positioning time: $TIME_POS[7]=512 (ms)

    5. Running DSERDW.EXE on the WINXP desktop (Refer to KRC1 Hardware 6.7.2)

    6. Check the interrupt jumper in RDC; 2-3 INT0(DEFAULT)

    Running DSERDW.EXE on the WINXP desktop (Refer to KRC1 Hardware 7.7.2) and show the RDC table. Position 88 to Position 93 show the RDC configuration data.

    8. Check the max. approximation distance of $APO_DIS_PTP[6]=90.0 and $APO_DIS_PTP[7]=500.0 if they are reasonable.

    Put Semi-comma t in front of [ INT $ACTIVE_AXIS_MASK='B01111111'] And [INT $ACTIVE_KAR_MASK='B01111111'], and see what happened?

    10. DECL EX_KIN $EX_KIN={ET1 #NONE,ET2 #NONE,ET3 #NONE,ET4 #NONE,ET5 #NONE,ET6 #NONE}, try to change the red word to “none”.

    11. Set Option flag for “Asynchronous axes are possible”: BOOL $ASYNC_OPT=TRUE in \Steu\Mada\$option.dat

    12 unplug all connectors and plug again.

    Check X11 connection: \

    Pin #38(Test output A)- #50(Qualifying input A)

    Pin #39(Test output B)- #51(Qualifying input B)

    Pin #41 #42 must be jumpered.

    13 Check the qualifying input signal (QE) at X10 on CI3 board.

    14 Execute BrakeTestStart.src and MasRefStart.src in R1\TP\SafeRobot

    15 The unit of E1 monitoring range is incorrect.

    16 Rotate E1 to origin and matering again

    17 Check X271 jumber

    18 Set Monitoring for E1 from “TRUE” To “FALSE

    19 Following the Check List in KR C2ed05 SafeRobot

    From the source:

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