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    The error always occurs when I perform the same operation with the normal or inverted wrist is when I have the differences in measurements and lack of precision when turning the axis 4 wrist.

    Thanks, we look at it and I will tell you.

    Some video or tutorial where it is well explained where to determine the direction of the tool after having made the 4 points.

    Thank you

    We were able to solve a part of the problem with the new mada files to have improved somewhat but I still have a deviation of the Y axis of 2 mm and the Z axis about 2.2 mm. the question what are the parameters of the return ratio of the motors to touch this variable in the Mada files since it gives me the impression and other professionals have told me that it may be that I have changed the wrist reducer and already the robot is not precision and

    I would have to recalibrate it with a laser tracker or I have been told to touch the engine turn ratio to correct the problem that could be ...

    Thank you. and I hope those great professionals from the group of their experience

    The difference of the Y axis in the holes which deviates approximately 2.2 mm ...

    And in the height you see it varies over 2.3 mm falls short.

    It always happens when the wrist is reversed.

    Sorry because how can I post this post in the correct section, excuse me ..? I'm going to try next week a clone of a hard disk also of a KRC2 210 L-150 I pass it a friend and replace the mada folder completely to see if the problem can be solved could also be that they have changed the reducer of the doll and may differ with the original model and that's why the issue of deviation, thanks.

    Can the problem come from a bad configuration in the mada folder?

    If in the case I have changed the wrist reducer and they have not told me anything how I could reconfigure again where I could change what parameters that file path could touch.

    to adjust the appropriate value according to the motor's turn when it would advance. Thank you.

    Hello, this is the model and we buy it second-hand in principle it is original with his wrist but I do not know for sure.

    The question is that first time we have this problem, the adjustment of belts can not be done since it comes with gear, this model is a precision robot, the verification of the pip file is correct seen by a Kuka technician, the file we saw the date is year 2010.

    The files are the same as I had and the Kuka technician verified that it is the same pid of the file.

    The problem may come from a bad configuration of the mada folder that does not correspond to this particular model of robots. ???

    It has no belts is gear with which the oil change was made 6 months ago ..

    The data is correct from the robot and the mada folder was being looked at by a kuka technician at the time and it was good, moreover, they checked the pid file and it was correct.

    We perfectly dominate the robot to the point we are doing sculpture with the ...

    The robot is anchored to the ground and the base that was made as such can with 3 robots on it is left over ...

    As I can verify that the file nothing corresponds to my Robot correctly and the hard disk contains the files exactly from my robot.

    How can I check it.

    I want to comment that immediately after generating the tool using the 4 points.

    I check that the robot does not maintain the tool tcp point and deviates about 2 to 3 mm if I move using A, B, C ..

    It deflects me ...

    Es el mismo texto pero está también escrito Español.

    Como puedo comprobar que el archivo nada corresponde a mi Robot correctamente y el disco duro contiene los archivo exactamente de mi robot.

    Como puedo comprobarlo.

    Quiero comentar que inmediatamente después de haber generado la herramienta mediante los 4 puntos .

    Compruebo que el robot no mantiene el punto de tcp de la herramienta y se desvía unos 2 a 3 mm si muevo utilización A,B,C..

    Se me desvía...

    The Robot has a friend who has a KRC1 and has a pressure of 0.05 mm.

    And I, with a newer robot, deviations from me while the mii is newer

    I have tested the robot without any weight placed on the wrist I mean ATC tool ..

    Neither the engine on the wrist of the 4-axis differentiates me from almost 3 mm.

    According to the photo that I attached.

    I have reviewed the cardan and they are fine ..


    El Robot tengo un amigo que tiene un KRC1 y tiene una presiciion de 0.05 mm.

    Y yo con un robot más reciente se me desviaciones ma siendo más nuevo el mii

    Yo he probado el robot sin ningún peso puesto en la muñeca me refiero herramienta ATC..

    Ni el motor el la muñeca del eje 4 me diferencia de casi 3 mm..

    Según la foto que que adjunto.

    He revisado los cardan y están bien..

    La aplicación es para escultura..

    El modelo es KRC2 EDICIÓN 2005.

    MODELO kuka 210-L150.

    La tolerancia que espero es menos de 1 mm

    The application is for sculpture ..

    The model is KRC2 EDITION 2005.

    MODEL Kuka 210-L150.

    The tolerance I expect is less than 1 mm

    Hi, I have a tolerance of almost 3 mm in the Robot when using the 4 axis wrist, the difference between the normal and inverted wrist.

    Axis 4 180. / - 180 degrees.

    Thank you very much, any help to see where the problem comes from is appreciated.

    Hola tengo una tolerancia casi 3 mm en el Robot al utilizar la muñeca el eje 4 la diferencia entre con la muñeca normal e invertida.

    Eje 4 180. / - 180 grados.

    Muchas gracias, cualquier ayuda para ver dónde viene el problema se agradece.