Looking to run some alpha amplifier modules from straight DC - Can anyone confirm this will work?

  • I have an LR Mate 200iB (A05B-1138-B201) with no controller.

    I've found an R-J3iB controller (A05B-2442-B160) for it.

    The controller contains the amplifier modules A06b-6114-H302. These are designed to run off of the rectified DC from a three phase supply. I do not have three phase where this robot is going to be installed, only single phase 220 (30A).

    I understand rectified single phase is nowhere near clean enough and will throw errors, possibly burn out parts.

    I have a dc supply capable of delivering the required 283-339V DC the amplifiers want. Specifically I was hoping to use AIF04ZPFC-01L modules, which can be turned down to a healthy 311V.

    Two questions:

    1. Is this robot compatible with this controller?

    2. Will I have to trick it into thinking 3 phase supply is available, or will it just accept that there's perfect DC at the units? Is there any reason pure DC wouldn't work?

    Thank you all, this is a wonderful community.

  • It's a complete R-J3iB Mate controller?

    I don't have a newer revision Mate controller parts manual, but I remember there isn't much difference between the single and three phase versions.

    I don't think you need the added power supply.

  • Taking a closer look, I see the controller in the eBay pics is a 1-ph controller.

    The power supply module rectifies the AC for the amps.

    This is the incoming power to the door switch for the single phase controller.

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  • I believe you are referring to the power supply for the controls equipment, which is indeed single phase. This isn't connected to the motor amplifiers.

    The motor connector isn't CX1A, but the L1, L2, and L3 pins at the bottom of the card (much heavier screw terminals, under the gray cover)

  • I expanded the picture in the previous post for clarity.

    I recommend ordering the Fanuc R-J3iB Mate Controller Maintenance Manual rev. C or higher.

    Fanuc tech support will be able to tell you if it's 1-ph or 3-ph version based on the controllers "F" number.

    For the 3-ph controller, this is what the incoming 3-phase power going to the door switch should look like:

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