Modifying DX200 System ladder

  • Does anyone know how the system ladder can be altered? When I compare the system ladder of one of our robots to the standard general purpose system ladder, ours has a large portion of it relocated to the user ladder section. It also has several relays changed to integrator specific signals.

    If I change any mnemonics in notepad, the system section opens fine in LadderEditor32.

    When I try to load it into the actual controller however, I get an error for trying to load an illegal system ladder.

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    Yes, that would need Yaskawa security level. You could send a cmos to Yaskawa, they could make the changes, then you could reload the cmos.

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  • You can send your CF ID from system info menu, to Yaskawa and they can send you a password called One time management, it will work for determined days and you can make Ladder modifications. :hi-bye:

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