CAN´T Change the variable $HSCDMNGRP

  • I am trying to change the system variable $HSCDMNGRP[1].$stnd_cd and $HSCDMNGRP[1].$upd_groups, but it is saying "Variable/field write-protected". Is there a way to changes this? I am hoping there is another variable to set to allow this but I can not find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you. :help:

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  • You will get more responses if you explain what you are trying to do, and what the system vars you are trying to modify do.

    I looked up the system var definitions. $HSCDMNGRP[1].$stnd_cd is the standard collision guard percentage value (i.e. running with the COL GUARD OFF command), and $HSCDMNGRP[1].$upd_groups is an indicator stating that the COL GUARD ADJUST command has been used in the program.

    Why do you want to modify these values directly? Typically you would use COL GUARD ADJUST.

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  • Thanks Nation. :beerchug:

    Many of my robots R2000 and M900 with different applications are getting a lot of collisions because the operation here is very very critic.
    I know it is a bad practice, but they are not reteaching with detail and just are lowering the Sensitivity of Coll Guard.
    The R2000 is a Spot Welding robot so when they spot the coll guard goes to FALSE (disable) so I am reading in the manual that is not that they are disable 100% de Coll Guard Sensetive , they are using the $HSCDMNGRP[1].$stnd_cd (Sensitivity level for standard collision detection) and when is disable goes down to 75% (The default), I will like to make a test making $stnd_cd 100% and the $HSCDMNGRP[1].$threshold (Current collision guard sensitivity) put in 125% for preventing more damage to the robot. I know I have to change the culture of the workers here but I am trying to force them to see what is happening and reteach. Also I will put passwords to the robot and more security but I want to fix this first.

    The $HSCDMNGRP[1].$upd_groups I want to put in 1 because the robot is not respecting the Col Guard Adjust I am putting in the TP program and also I have some robots with this variable in 1 so, it have to be a way to change this.

    I am working with the controller R30 iA

  • Yuck. Hope your maintenance department (or you) likes changing reducers.

    Anyway, its pretty easy to write to a protected variable. You just need to do in a tp program.

    :  $HSCDMNGRP[1].$stnd_cd=(125) ;

    $HSCDMNGRP[1].$upd_groups looks like it is only written to, so I am not sure how effective it will be to write to it, but the same method will work.

    Check out the Fanuc position converter I wrote here!

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