How to change force setting on collaborative robot (CR-7iA)

  • Hi,
    Hope you can help me with this.

    I'm setting up a collaborative robot and need to use two different force settings.
    - Limit1: 50N for regular moves
    - Limit2: 150N for fixture moves

    Those settings can be changed in DCS menu by the use of a disabling input. Basically you set two limits and use an input to disable one of them.

    I’ve been reading the collaborative robot operator’s manual but it talks about using Safe I/O Connect option which I don’t have.

    Is there another way to setup a disabling input for one of the limits?
    I see option for SIR and other safe I/O but I’m not sure how to turn them On/Off in the program.


  • AD
  • You usually would use hard wired safe inputs, SFDI. On the regular controller these are on the CRMB2 connector located on the Estop board. But I don't recall if the mate controller has this built in.

    If not then you would need to either buy the add-on dcs I/O board or purchase a Safe comm protocol option, such as Safety EthernetIP.

    Hard wired SFDI shows up as SPI in the safe IO menu.

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