Cold start

  • Hello,

    I'm fairly new to the field of robotics so please bear with me. I was told to do a cold start to retrieve a variable. What exactly is the function of a cold start and how is it performed? We use a R-30iB. My boss was trying to figure out if a variable setting was causing our circle points to slow down when welding in teach mode.

  • I think you mean controlled start.

    You should be able to view the system variables with out a controlled start, under menu>system>variables. Some variables can only be edited in a controlled start.

    To do a COLD or Controlled start, press function, 0, Cycle Power. You should be prompt with a selection to cold start or controlled start.

    Cold Start cycles power on the robot with out physically turning the robot off

    Controlled start allows for system configuration options as well as the ability to change some some variables that are normally locked.

  • On a R-30iB it will leave you with the error User Cycle Power, since the R-30iB can't do it for you.

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