Help configuring I/O

  • Hy, my Name is RUi and i'm stuck in a problem.when i set the OUTPUT #41 the adress that is been read is 30091 that comes i think from an optional I/O board that i cannot find inside the nx100 controller. I would like to know how do i set the OUTPUT 3004x and the input 2004x that are on the concurrent I/O
    Sumarizing my problem is that i can see in the pendant the signal 30091 set to 1 but i cannot see where it is phisacally or i can connect inputs in the signal 2004x but then i dont know the Number #IN that is correspondent with that signal,Because if i select #41 the program does not recognize 2004x i think that is recognizing 2009x like the output 3009x that i mensioned earlier. Please can Simone help me. Thanks you.

  • Hello
    in the controller there are 4 port for I/Os in default. they start from #30010 for outputs and #20010 for inputs.
    Inputs from #20010 to #20027 and Outputs from #30010 to #30027 are reserved for system according to application.
    all users can use #20030 to #20057 for Inputs and #30030 to #30057 for outputs. this addresses have terminal for use and you can use those.

    example for Outputs,
    every time you write DOUT OT#1 = ON in your job or SIM this output in external output, the #30030 become ON and you can check it with voltmeter in terminals.
    every time you write DOUT OT#9 = ON , the #30040 become ON.

    for Inputs are same as this too. the #1 is #20030.

    I hope this explain help you.

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