Accel and Decel function

  • Hey all,

    I'm looking at adding some code into our current program that would allow the robot to pick parts at 100% speed then slow down to the running speed set for a particular job. I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations on how to best do this. My current thought process is to override the speed to 100% between the pick point and the pick clear point. After that, a new Data register that functions as a reference for the initial speed set will subtract from the 100% override and create a value such as (100-60=40) then that value of 40 will be the range of decel and it will override the speed incrementally by 5% after the pick clear until that value is 0 meaning that it is back to the reference speed. Will this work? If not, I'm looking for some solutions or recommendations on how to make it functional.


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  • so why are you wanting to not run the robot at 100%. Is cycle time not a factor?

    You can set the genoveride parameter in your tp code. So if your pick and place are different programs from the main they can have there own.

    Cycle time is a factor, but not in a complete sense. The robot is dependent on the cycle time of the machine it is set up for. So if one of our machines has a cycle of 7.5 sec the robot at 100% will complete its cycle well before the machine does. I want the robot to pick the parts at 100% because some parts cannot not properly be pick at slower speeds. This is because they are lifted out of a web of plastic with notches breaking to allow the parts to be picked and some notches tend to not give up as easily. The goal is to have the robots moving smoothly with the cycle time of the machine instead of moving at 100% just for the sake of running it at 100% hopefully saving some wear.

    I guess ideally I'd want to find a way to match the robot cycle time to the cycle time of the machine whilst still allowing the 100% override for the initial picking motion.

  • If I understand correctly, all you're trying to do is have the robot move at 100% speed when picking then slowing back down afterwards as well as keep the robot cycle time and machine cycle time the same? Personally if it were me all I would do is insert a speed override into your program before the pick to make it go at 100% speed, then play around with changing the speed of the robot till it returns to the machine in a cycle time that works for you and place another override after the pick that changes it to the speed you found to work best. That's just how I would do it, I like to keep things simple.

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