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    Is it possible to edit the command positions in a job. Are position variables the only route to go? I am use to working with fanuc where we can edit both local points using the position elements and the position registers.


    Can you replace this section with lexan instead of mesh? Then use a dcs input from the safety interlock to disable the zone when open.

    I have a few robots with Ethernet/IP connected to Cognex cameras. It has pretty limited capability compared to a serial interface or using Karel. My application is very basic so I'm triggering the camera with EIP and then using the CIO-Micro to read the discrete outputs from the camera. I didn't spend much time getting specific X, Y, Angle data out of the camera. The attachment shows the DIO configuration that matches the EIP config in the Cognex camera and the EIP config in the robot.

    I have used socket messaging, then communicate with the cognex via serial. Then have karel write the offsets to the registers.

    Adding to the great advice in the previous post above: Check that the batteries are being installed correctly. Multiple times and places where i went to a customer site to find out that the batteries were put all positive side/negative side facing in. Instead of the correct polarity/side.


    Tell us which Robot Controller you are using.

    However you have to assign the PMC addressing. Go to the I/O page. Menu>I/O>PMC.

    Press Data (F2) key, to bring up another menu and select either EXT I/O assignment or INT I/O assignment. These menus allow the user to specify their I/O.

    I bet if you go there you can see the assignment and that will give you the size. When you know the size you can find the end of the the assignment.

    Werner Hampel,

    Thank You for listening to our feedback. So far this seems to work well. Like I mentioned earlier, if donations are accepted to help keep the forum running. I would be willing, and I feel like most current users would help. is a good example of a forum that is dedicated to plcs. They have one single ad on top of a forum. they provide two membership levels that you can donate money as a onetime donation to help keep the server up and running. The two levels of membership gives the users different perks for example. the lifetime supporter gets an additional member only thread and their username in gold showing that they are a lifetime supporter. People who have a membership can use different tools in the forum. One of the biggest benefits is the search tool that utilizes google search engine instead of the forum search. Then they have the non users that can view and create posts in the thread.

    I myself is a lifetime supporter for the site because of the value and information of the community. I would have no problem donating to robot forum because i value this forum just as much as

    Is there a similar command that tells us the current robot position in joint angles and Cartesian such as LPOS and JPOS in fanuc? Interested for a self home program.