Resetting an I/O link error

  • Hello robot people!

    we are going to install an ABU05A I/O rack outside of the controller cabinet, powered with a dedicated 24V PSU.

    If the interface module AIF01A is powered off while the robot controller is on, the system throws this error message:

    PRIO-020 I/O Link comm error 4, 0, 2, 40 (hex)

    The I/O Link communication is not automatically restored when the interface module is powered back on.
    Is there a way to clear this error and restore the communication without cycling the power of the robot contoller, in my case a R-30iB?


  • Did you make a connection as described in the installation manual? If everything is connected correctly and you are getting these errors, your device is faulty. Using the robot's automatic fault reset feature will then turn on the card located on the cabinet door. The fault grows even more.

  • The I/O works normally.
    The fault only appears when I cut the power supply to the I/O rack, which is of course understandable!

    I just would like to know how to put the rack back to service after a power cut, without cycling the power of the controller if it's possible.


  • I’m unfamiliar with I/o link specifics, but I know when you setup EIP devices, there’s an option under advanced setting for the device to “reconnect", which will resume from a power outage. Works great for us. I’d imagine there’s a similar setting in the IO link setup.

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