NX100 Alarm 1345: Safe circuit signal not same(SV) [104]

  • Hello,

    I'm new to the maintenance side of Motoman robots. We have been having this problem every few weeks for a few months now where when we open the service door to our booth it shuts off servo like normal, but every now and again when we shut door and power back servo to resume production it throws this alarm. Sometimes it takes several controller power cycles to get servo power back and keep the alarm cleared. The maintenance manual tells me the alarm data ([104]) means power on unit 2 has a signal unmatched error with 04 IORDY. I can't figure out what wiring its talking about on the NTU2. Any help would be appreciated.

    Manipulator: EPX1250

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  • Single robot. Also I do not believe it has an external axis, just a turntable controlled independently. Am I reading the data code [104] correctly? I will check into this more tonight.

  • Yes you are reading the code correctly. The 1 indicates the second NTU. If you don't have a second robot or a second NTU unit, the memory in your robot could be scrambled.

    Are there any other alarms at the same time as this one?


  • Hello

    I have the same problem. I have a cell with 4 robots and 4 external axes. I have already replaced the NTU module and all cables connected to the NTU module. The robots worked for a while then the alarm returned. Does anyone have any idea what else to try.

    Thank you

  • Buonasera. Stesso allarme anche a me, in combinazione con 4301. Mi sembra collegabile a fotocellule o porta di servizio.

    C'è un modo per capire di cosa si tratta, oppure bisogna aspettare l'assistenza, quando rientrano dalle ferie?


  • we are facing same issue in one of our robot. It's a painting robot with NX100 controller and manipulator is EPX2900.

    It's a single robot without external axis.

    Alarm is coming 1345 Safety circuit signal unmatched (SV) and subcode is 104.

    We have changed power on Unit NTU and still alarm is coming frequently. However alarm got cleared after power recycle.

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