start point equal to end point

  • hello to all!i dont know if this is the right group for help i need,but ill try,.i have problem with table spinning,every time when i start the program,i have error start point equal to end point,i dont know what cause this problem,yesterday i weld normaly,today problems,maybe orientation parameter is problem?i dont know what to do anymore,thanks for help

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  • now i weld with the hand and not table spinning and its ok,but if i want weld only with table spinning,not working,not mathers,thanks for your time!

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  • So the center of the welding is the center of the table? Then I think the table is not integrated properly into the transformation, or You use the wrong base.
    Now I see:
    If the screenshot of the program is correct, You really use the wrong base. You should use base 17, where the table should be integrated into the transformation.

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