KSS 15002 and KSS 15073 errors KRC4-compact

  • Robot: KR 10 (I think)
    Controller: KRC4 compact CCUsr complete
    Software: KR C SR V8.2.3 : HMI version B22 : Kernel System KS V8.2.21.SR
    System: XPe V3.0.2 Build 22

    Error code 1: KSS 15002 / 15003 / 15004 “Safe Device Communication Error”
    Error code 2: KSS 15073 / 15074 “Error in Safety Node of Drive”

    Robot worked perfectly for several years. During recent power outage, get the above two errors. I have contacted Kuka support and am currently working through their help line without much luck so far. I would like any advice or insight that can be given to clear these errors.

    Troubleshooting I’ve already done:
    -Backup and restore the project (backup to archive followed by restore from archive). However, I don't have a "working" backup that was made while the Kuka was working.
    -Replace the CCU board and problems persist (KRC4_compact controller). So we know that the CCU did not fail.
    -Batteries replaced with new ones. Old batteries were no longer capable of holding much charge.
    -external connections tested, cables replaced, wiring contacts verified.
    -All connections inside the KRC4 controller were removed, tested, and replaced (both boards). Fuses similarly.
    -X11 connections tested and verified (emergency interlock safety controls). Removal of X11 cable does nothing, when we would expect it to produce more errors.
    -smartPAD to CCU connections tested and verified on both ends(X306, X308, X42). The ethernet connection shows that data is going through.
    -After reviewing the KRCdiag, KUKA is now saying that the problem is in the smartPAD (teach pad). They want us to swap out the pad to continue diagnosis. I can attack their diagnosis if you are interested.

    Is this software? Is it hardware? Anyone have any ideas? I’m happy to provide additional information.
    I can hear the robot servos turn on when powering up – suggesting that the controller is talking to the robot. I can also pull up information (showing no errors) of the controller firmware using the TeachPAD, suggesting that the pad and controller are talking. So it seems like everything is talking to each other properly, but there is a 0 somewhere a 1 should be – somewhere in a safety node of device. Any and all help is appreciated.

  • Just closing out this thread.

    Kuka was fixed by Kuka tech. KSPsr UL + heat exchanger was faulty. Replacing the board returned the Kuka to regular operation.

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