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  • I can go back farther in my archives........
    Those are my "newest" old school written from scratch programs.
    I wrote many prior to those.
    but why even put that much effort into writing all that code, when Palletizing Software options are much simpler.
    This is an okay option if you are doing single layers or a single pattern and you don't have Palletizing software options.....

    Oh, well

  • PSTART is parallel start. It is to run a job with a different motion group or a non-motion job without exiting or stopping the root or parent job. It is a concurrent job instruction. It is an option.
    If you don't have it, you can brake out the job and run it consecutive, it just takes more time.

    Oh, well

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  • I'll take a stab in the dark.

    Mr. tony gast

    What are the following jobs in the program?

    CASE-CCW (Probably turns the gripper to a ccw orientation or picks the case in a ccw fashion)
    MASTER (Top level job)
    CASEGRIP (Probably has io to grip the case)
    CASE-CW (Probably turns the gripper to a cw orientation or picks the case in a cw fashion)
    GRIP1RET (Activates the grip to position 1)
    CASEDROP (Probably opens the gripper to drop the case.)
    GRIP1ADV (Advances gripper 1)
    COMPLETE (Pallet is complete)
    PAL-DROP (Drops the pallet off at the build area)
    SLPVAC (Turns on vacuum to grab a slip sheet)
    SLIPGRIP (Probably changes orientation of the gripper to grab a slipsheet)
    SLIPDROP (Drops off the slipsheet on the pallet)

    I know a thing or two, because I’ve seen a thing or two. Don't even ask about a third thing. I won't know it.

  • This particular system had a very large multi-use EOAT
    It would pick a pallet with swing clamps 48''x48''
    Pick slip sheets with vacuum, paper sheets placed between pallet layers 40''x40''
    Pick boxes 8''x8'' up to 15''x15'' with another vacuum
    the EOAT could also rotate 90* without using the T-axis
    you won't need most of those jobs

    Oh, well

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