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    I'm normal working with abb robots but today I customer as kt me to come over an visit them. They have an 10 year old fanuc robot that they need help with. Problem is that the robot has not been in any production for the last 7 years and been powerd down during that time. And know after all these years the customer is considering to fire it up and take it back to production.

    What do you think? Is it possible to get it back up and running and how much work do it take?
    Battery's are for sure empty but what does that exactly mean on an fanuc robot? Do I have to performe some fine calibration/mastering and do I need special tools for that?


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  • I think you will need, at first, to change the oil in every joint. Verify the system software status and, yes, perform mastering (you don't need any tool, just the robot and know how) and calibrate the utool.

  • Hi

    Thanks for the answers.

    I have to come back to you about the controller model.

    Do I need the image backup / original system software / file backup if robot is used on an new line? Not the old one that it was used on 7 years ago.

    Can you tell me more about the mastering? On abb robots you only speak about fine calibration and update revolution counters. And for fine calibration you normal need tools if you want to do it precisely. Updating rev counters you just have to drive axes to zero position.

    So how do you basically do when you are mastering an fanuc robot?


  • I haven't yet dealt with this, but if the system battery has discharged, the OS may be gone.

    A Fanuc mastering is more like an ABB fine cal. You must move each axis a revolution before setting it - there might be another way, but I've had to manually adjust the axes. It's nice to have a known position from which to adjust. Unlike an ABB, a Fanuc can be mastered at a position other than zero.

  • I restarted a robot recently that's been offline for the better part of 5 years. No issues aside from the encoder batteries that I had to change. The OS was OK and we didn't even have a battery low alarm for the CPU battery.
    A second case for a robot controlling A LOT of external axes came to us last year. Same story. Robot offline for 5-6 years - the cobwebs were impresive -. Booted up. Mastered by way of eyewitness zero calibration. Created a stupid little welding program. Ran with no issues.

    These things can laze around for quite some time and still be good to go.

    The client should, in theory, have an image back up of the robot for any eventuality, somewhere in its archive. You don't need anything new for the robot to run. FANUC may provide a software update if you ask them for it and provide an AoA. Or, worse case, send them the e-number of the robot and they'll send you whatever you need to load up on it for it to work again.

    Oh, and as another user has mentioned: CHANGE THE OIL / GREASE and check for leakage. We had a robot deposited poorly for the better part of two years and we've discovered some o-ring popped due to the cold. No oil was left in one of the gearboxes. Made a nasty sound when started up.
    Other robots had the grease in them turn to jello. New grease just couldn't push anything out until we ran the things for a few hours so the deposits inside could melt.

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