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    Error log shows several collision detects and motion supervision. What kind of marking are you doing?


    Can you step through the program, or does it fault at the point in manual? NO

    Which? Can you manually step through the program?
    If you can step the robot around, can you get to the mark point?
    There seem to be a lot of search warnings - a feature I've never used.

    and its really difficult to bring it back with the help of crane.

    How big is this robot?
    By "stops working", do you mean "goes blank", or "is unresponsive"?
    What do you do to regain control - restart/reboot/etc?
    Can you step through the program, or does it fault at the point in manual?
    Pics would be good.
    You might flush the error log, and post it/them after the error.

    I've always used a crossover cable to connect w/ the service port on the front... but then, laptop is similar vintage as/to the S4C+ machines. The LAN port usually connects to hub/switch, so it is usually a straight cable.

    Is your laser attached to the robot, or does the robot move the part in front of a fixed laser? Distance between part and laser will probably depend on how TCP is taught.

    ... when in test screen I click start, and click deadman and literally nothing is happening..

    I presume you're activating the deadman before clicking Start...
    That "Blocked:" looks ominous.

    ... I think its because your lines in the program don't have any names. .

    Are you talking about named points versus inline (*) points?
    Most of my programs use the inline method.

    Last question how to remove this thread??

    You could use the "Report to Moderator" button to request it's removal.
    There is a "Remove" button at the top-right of each post, but That probably doesn't remove the thread.

    Are you looking for something more involved than the CPos function?

    Here is a routine that draws (cuts) an X by Y mm slot.

    It is called:

    MoveL pRF, vAirSlow, fine, t_Nozzle\WObj:=woFront;
    		!Right Front
    		rSlotXY -9, 16;
    		MoveL pLF, vAirSlow, fine, t_Nozzle\WObj:=woFront;
    		!Left Front
    		rSlotXY 8, -16;

    For example, a group of eight inputs would allow you to set a value (i.e. call a program) between 0-255

    Depending on how many options you need, you can create a smaller group - 4 inputs would give you 16 options (though I don't usually use "0"), a 5-bit group would yield 32 options.

    I seem to be about half a post behind you today...

    What do you mean by:

    ... and the zero point is lost at zero.

    The calibration marks don't line up.
    The robot won't move to a point (zero)?
    Have you changed a motor?
    Is it a single axis - or several?

    The robot has been calibrated

    Fine calibration or rev counter update?
    If a fine calibration has been done, you will probably need to re-enter calibration data(or re-load from backup).