Newbie Question on getting an Internship in the Field of Industrial Robots

  • Hello all,
    i am a newbie here and i am hoping my post is not in the wrong topic, if it is i apologize already. I am almost at the end of my Master Studies, in the field of Automation & Robotics at the Technical University of Dortmund. My Major is in Robotics and till now i have had just theoritical background from the courses i took at the University. I am super interested in the Field of Industrial Robotics (Programming of ABB, Kuka, Fanuc..etc) and have been reading and doing alot of research in this field, so at the moment I am currently looking for an Internship/Praktikum in Germany and will be super glad if i could get any recommendations.

    I have experience more in the field of Mobile Robots, from a 6 months Project i Carried Out where i had to work with ROS, C++, Python on the topic "Human centered mobile robot Navigation" with a Turtlebot Fleet robot. Since there are a lot of professionals here i am hoping to get some tips or recommendations. I will really appreciate if i can receive some help. Thanks in advance!

    Extra info:
    My german is very good and i am a Native english speaker(B.Eng in Germany(Engineering Physics) and currently Pursueing an Msc.)

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  • Mr. very good race I congratulate you.
    You must start by taking an Industrial Robot programming course (welding robot for example, 40% of robot are welding robot), like ABB.

    That's where we all started, TP program (Teach Pendant), at the same time, you can research on the internet about Offline Program (Robostudio, Roboguide, and others). About Ros, C ++, Python, it is a good platform for a higher level, you can continue researching in this area, there is a lot of information on the internet, ROS INDUSTRIAL, Moveit, Gazebo and much much more, take into account that this knowledge is for development.
    Buena Suerte :beerchug:

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