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    The path of the Robotics is long and requires a lot of study, I will make some clarifications that you should know:

    1. Robostudio only works with ABB Robots.
    2. RoboDk is good but it is development software, very good. The free version is not complete, to manage it well you have to buy it.
    3. Ros Industrial is a development platform, it is excellent, remember that it is a complement you must be familiar with in Robotics. its learning curve is long.

    In my opinion very quickly you can working with RoboDK, Ros is tediously long and requires resources of Computation, especially the RVIZ. But it is an excellent way.

    I have 3 months studying (Ros).

    Mr. very good race I congratulate you.
    You must start by taking an Industrial Robot programming course (welding robot for example, 40% of robot are welding robot), like ABB.

    That's where we all started, TP program (Teach Pendant), at the same time, you can research on the internet about Offline Program (Robostudio, Roboguide, and others). About Ros, C ++, Python, it is a good platform for a higher level, you can continue researching in this area, there is a lot of information on the internet, ROS INDUSTRIAL, Moveit, Gazebo and much much more, take into account that this knowledge is for development.
    Buena Suerte :beerchug: